domingo, 30 de diciembre de 2018


R.W . Hedges . The Hunters in the Snow
Michael Rault . It´s a New Day Tonight
J. Mascis . Elastic Days
Cut Worms . Hollow Ground
One Eleven Heavy . Everything´s Better
Brent Cowles. How To Be Okay Alone
Hollow Hand  . Star Chamber
Jack Ellister . Telegraph Hill
Trent Miller . Time Between Us
The Bevis Frond . We´re Your Friends, Man
Jerry David Decicca . Burning Daylight
State Champions. Send Flowers
Fernando Rubio . Cheap Chinese Guitar
The Roves . The Roves
Phil Cook . People are my Drug
Brad Bensko . Brad Bensko
The Lost Brothers . Halfway Towards a Healing
Stephen´s Shore . Septembre Love
The Jayhawks. Back Roads and Abandoned Motels
Dropkick . Longwave
Bonny Doon . Longwave
Tony Molina . Kill the Lights
Kelley Stoltz . Natural Causes
Parquet Courts. Wide Awake !
Olden Yolk . Olden Yolk
Summer Fiction . Himalaya
Nap Eyes . I´m Bad Now
Andy Jenkins . Sweer Bunch

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